The year and decade are quickly burning out and coming to an end, and with 2020 around the corner and resolutions in the air, many people are looking forward to new beginnings. With a new year ahead, there is no better time than now to focus and work towards bigger and better achievements in your business. While success is the obvious end game, you can’t just hop, skip, and jump over the finish line without dedicating time and effort to put your best foot forward and conquer. No matter your experience, constant evaluation, planning, and goal setting to improve your work will speak volumes about your dedication and knowledge of the industry. As a show of our dedication to the realtors that represent Royal Lepage, we offer training and in-house coaching with coaching manager Wayne Throop, but the best way to begin is by utilizing the information in this article to understand the importance of planning to achieve greater success in 2020. 

Setting SMART goals is critical to success in any business but especially so in Real Estate. It has been said most Realtors aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy. If you want to be a top Agent in the Real Estate industry you simply have to have clearly defined, written goals. The best advice when it comes to goals is to keep it simple. Don’t get overly complicated when defining your goals. Keep them simple and specific. Check out our recent blog post of Setting Goals by clicking here.

Writing down your goals is only part of the formula for success. Once you have clearly written goals, you have to come with an action plan to achieve your goals.  You’ll need to break each goal down into manageable pieces.  Once you’ve done that, you have to determine the specific action steps you will take to successfully achieve each of those goals.  

The next important piece in the pathway to successfully achieving your goals is tracking your activities. You have to track all the activities you are doing to work towards achieving your goals and measure your progress.  If your not making progress then you need to make adjustments so that you can get back on track.

The formula for success is really quite simple:

1. Create written goals

2. Break down your goals into manageable pieces

3. Create an action plan to achieve each of your goals

4. Track your activities and measure your progress

5. Make adjustments as necessary

If you diligently follow this formula for success you are well on your way to becoming a top Agent in the Real Estate business! If you need help with your goals please reach out to our Training Department. We are always eager to help you be successful. Contact us today!