The Importance of Networking

See You on the Green

Networking and surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success in any business and real estate is no exception. In the summer months, take that networking outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Golf is a great way to connect with people and at Royal LePage Team Realty, there are many opportunities to get out on the green all summer long!

Why Golf?

Golf is a great social game and its slow pace allows for conversation. Most golf tournaments are as much of a social event as a game and golf is not too hard to learn. If you’ve never tried it before, try visiting your local driving range to get the hang of it but remember, most golf events don’t require you to be the next Tiger Woods or Brooke Henderson – it’s about getting outside and having some fun!

Networking With Your Peers

When it comes time to find your tribe, look no further than your amazing colleagues. Whether it’s at a tournament or part of the Royal LePage Team Realty League, these events provide a great opportunity to get to know the people you work with. It’s important to make these connections for numerous reasons but most importantly, you never know what you may learn from your peers and those connections may just lead to a referral! While at the event, try to connect with new people and you’ll be amazed at where this may lead.

Networking with Clients

Depending on your clients, golf can be a great way to connect with them as well. If your client is an avid golfer, invite them out to play and encourage them to bring some friends to complete your foursome. Just remember, don’t focus on sales; use this as an opportunity to really get to know people (the business stuff can come later!)

Opportunities at Royal LePage Team Realty

At Royal LePage Team Realty, we have many team members who are passionate about the sport of golf and there are many opportunities to get out and play throughout the warmer months. We host two charity golf tournaments each year, one in early June and the other in the fall, sponsor countless tournaments throughout the entire season, and we also have our very own golf league that runs throughout the summer. The golf league starts on June 26th at Eagle Creek and meets four times each year; for more information, please contact Aaron Cope (613-552-4436 or