Find Your Tribe to Succeed in 2019

There is an old saying that goes “You can’t soar with the eagles when you hang around with a bunch of turkeys”, and this is something to consider as we begin a new year. As a Realtor, it is important to surround yourself and spend time with people that will help you achieve your goals. By associating yourself with like minded people who are going in the direction that you would like to go, you are far more likely to find success.

Why Surrounding Yourself with the Right People is So Important

If you want to become a better hockey player, who would you want to play with? The answer is obvious, you would want to play with someone who is better than you. The same principle applies here; although you may be comfortable being the most successful in your “group”, this may be holding you back. We need to surround ourselves with people, both professionally and personally, who challenge us and push us to be better. To go back to the hockey analogy, even if you can’t keep up, just think of what you’ll learn by watching someone better than you play.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

Cut Out the Negative People

We all have people in our lives who are potentially holding us back. They may be good people but perhaps they don’t have the same goals or ambitions, or they fill their lives (and subsequently, the lives of those around them) with negativity. Although you may not be able to cut these people out completely, focus on building relationships with others and spending more time with people who are successful and have greater goals; and those who believe if you too!

Where to Find Your Tribe

Look around your office; at Royal LePage Team Realty, we have many great and successful Realtors who are more than willing to chat about their business. Find someone in your office who is where you want to be. Set up a coffee meeting or a lunch and get to know some of your colleagues. Your tribe is also not limited to other Realtors. Think of the people you know who are highly successful and make a point to connect with them on a regular basis. Success is contagious.

Attitudes are Contagious. Is Yours Worth Sharing?

And remember, you need to play the part as well! Don’t be the weak link in your circle. Surrounding yourself with the right people is just the first step and without the right attitude, it won’t make a difference. If you want to be successful, believe that you can be.