Royal LePage Team Realty Success Panel 2018

On November 22nd, Royal LePage Team Realty came together for our annual Success Panel. The over 100 people in attendance were able to hear from 7 amazing and diverse Realtors who have had outstanding success in the past year. Panel members faced questions from both the moderator, Wayne Throop, as well as Realtors in the audience. It was a great afternoon of information sharing and learning for all who attended. A few common themes emerged from the many topics that were covered: models for growth and achieving work/life balance, digital marketing, new opportunities, and the changing business of real estate.

Kent Browne, Broker of Record/Owner of Royal LePage Team Realty, opened the event and introduced the panel. This event is unique to Royal LePage Team Realty which Kent emphasized in his opening address as other brokerages have trouble getting their Realtors to participate.

Key Takeaways from the Panel

Our panel featured a diverse group of Realtors with a variety of experiences. All speakers were selected by their managers.

Abhishek Bhateja – Kanata Legget

Scott Arial – Kanata Hazeldean

Jillian Jarvis – Manotick Main

Sue Kennedy – Manotick Main

Brent McElheran – Carling

John Payette – Barrhaven

Jennifer Stewart – Carling

Models for Growth

Each Realtor on the panel has grown their business in different ways and they each provided great insight into different models for growth.


Brent McElheran recently incorporated his business in 2018 and he saw this as a great opportunity for financial growth. Through tax deferral, he is now able to leave money in the corporation and continue to grow his business.


Jennifer Stewart in one half of the highly successful Diana and Jen partnership. Jennifer advised that partnerships can be complicated but if you find someone who is the right fit, it can allow for freedom. Both Diane and Jen are able to take extensive time off as they are able to cover each other.

Teaming Up with Spouse

John Payette has teamed up with his wife Sophie and wouldn’t have it any other way. The key to success is to ensure that the business relationship is not competitive but going through it together means that there is always someone who understands and it makes this lonely business a little less lonely.

Forming a Team

Jillian Jarvis has built a team model and this has ensured a nice work/life balance for both her as well as the rest of her team. She ensures that all team members have at least 2 consecutive days off each week. Like a football team, any team should have positions to ensure that everyone is doing what they do best.

Hiring an Assistant

Scott Arial has had an assistant for many years. He found it a necessity when he found himself making small and silly mistakes because he was overworked. If your business can support and assistant, Scott highly recommends this model as it will allow you to focus your time and energy on dollar producing activities.

Going it Alone

A few members of the panel have opted to go it alone. Abhishek Bhateja mentioned that he likes to take time off and the way he is able to do this is by building great relationships with other Realtors who can cover him when he is off. Sue Kennedy likes working on her own as it provides her with freedom in her schedule; she can work where and when she wants.

Digital Marketing

The face of real estate has changed in recent years with the advent of social media and other digital marketing platforms. The panel had a variety of experiences to share on this topic but it seems that video is where some are finding their greatest success.

Viral Videos

Sue Kennedy is known for her creative and innovative videos that have gone viral this past year. Sue says that these videos are a great way to draw attention to more challenging properties and they provide her with a creative outlet. It is important to get client permission before shooting a video but Sue believes this is a highly effective marketing tool that is easy to track in terms of effectiveness.

YouTube Channel

Video has been a large part of Jennifer Stewart’s business for the last 6 or 7 years. Diane and Jen make videos for almost everything (listings, neighbourhoods, bios etc.) and have grown an extensive following. Since Google and YouTube are one in the same, they have found that this has improved their ranking as well.

New Opportunities

Attendees at this year’s Success Panel were treated to a variety of insights and ideas that could provide new opportunities for growth in 2019. The ideas hit on a variety of topics but there were some amazing takeaways!

Working with Builders

Abhishek Bhateja has signed over 40 builder deals this past year alone. This often overlooked side of the business just needs the right approach. By always having an professional approach, Abhishek has built great relationships with many of the builder around town. Builder deals are also great as there is minimal paperwork and you can get many done in a short amount of time.

Out of Town Conferences and Seminars

Scott Arial finds these events as a way to sharpen his skills. He has attended approximately 15 events over the last 12 years and loves the many takeaways that each has provided. These conferences are also a great way to expand your network and make connections for referrals.

Client Events

Jillian Jarvis is known for her elaborate and exciting client events. She provided attendees with many great tips for ensuring that your client event is a success. She highly recommends having a Sunday Brunch Event at a nice restaurant; this is a cost effective event that is family friendly as alcohol is not served.

The Changing Business

In this digital age, many things are changing with how business is done within the real estate industry. In order to be successful, it is important to adapt with the times.

Online Business

Jennifer Stewart noted some of the changes and challenges that have come up in recent years. With everyone moving to e-signing in recent years, Realtors rarely meet face to face anymore which makes the business lonely at times. She also noted the importance of setting expectations with clients in terms of response times to ensure that they are not expecting instant responses.

Education on Value

Scott Arial noted that more than ever before it is important to educate clients on the value of a Realtor. Through online searching and other technologies, consumers may start to question the value of a Realtor. It is important to teach them about the process and make them aware of everything that you are doing behind the scenes to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Commission Discounts

Sue Kennedy addressed this controversial subject. She sees giving up commission as your first negotiation failure and does not do it up front. She believes that you get what you pay for and by educating the client on the process, they will see value.


Best Advice

  • Brent McElheran advises people to embrace change and invest in yourself through coaching, conferences, and attending events like this Success Panel.
  • Abhishek Bhateja suggests that you surround yourself with great people and to have vision and direction for your business.
  • Jennifer Stewart recommends to never calculate commission for client so that you never attach a dollar value to a person.
  • Jillian Jarvis’ advice is to be generous with both gifts and most importantly, time.
  • Scott Arial recommends having written goals (both professional and personal).
  • John Payette suggests building a sellable business.
  • Sue Kennedy’s advice is to see things through your clients’ eyes.