Make Connections this Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, it is important to remember that this is a great time of year to reach out to your contacts and let them know how much you value their relationship. It is a season that is filled with kindness and many opportunities are available; no matter your budget, there are plenty of great, cost effective ways to reach out to your clients, leads and contacts. Take a moment to spread some cheer this season and you may just see the rewards in the new year!

Set a Budget

Before you even start considering options, it is important to set a budget. It can be very easy to go overboard with holiday spending so it is very important to stay within your budget. Take a look at what you can afford and set a budget that you feel is realistic; you don’t want to be surprised by a huge credit card bill in January. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a large budget to work with; with some creativity and careful planning, you can still spread some cheer this holiday season. Remember it is not about how much you spend, it is the thought that counts!

Get Moving Now!

It is already mid-November; if you haven’t come up with a plan for the holidays, there is still time but you need to act quick. All of these things take some time so next year, put it in your calendar to start planning in late September or early October. It’s like Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve; it’s totally doable but leads to a lot of stress. Ideally you want to get the bulk of the work out of the way by the end of November to give you time to enjoy the season in December.

Holiday Cards

You can’t get any more traditional than this. Holiday cards are a great and cost-effective way to reach out to all, or some, of your contacts. There are many options to consider when it comes to cards and the two main factors to consider are cost and time.

  • Custom cards vs. Boxed Cards – custom cards can be great as they will include your branding and customized sentiments but they do come at an additional cost. Boxed cards can be beautiful and if you watch for sales, you can sometimes get some great deals.
  • Hand signed, personal notes are always the best option. You might think that finding the time to write out all these personalized holiday cards is going to be a challenge and you are right it will be but rest assured you will get a much better response if you do . It is a great way to show you care this holiday season by incorporating a personal touch on each card.
  • E-Cards – If budget is an issue, consider sending an e-card. This is a great way to reach lots of people for little to no cost at all.
  • Be Creative – Think outside the box for ways to ensure that your card will stick out from the pile. Consider things like timing, style, and messaging and don’t be afraid to be different.

Holiday Gifts

This is an obvious one but the holidays are a great time to give gifts. Depending on your budget, this could be small “swag” type items like calendars or stationary, or it could be much larger like wreaths and gift baskets. Whatever you decide to do, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Practicality – provide people with something that they will either use or enjoy.
  • Be Creative – think of something that will be special and that they are unlikely to receive from anyone else.
  • Hand Deliver – If you have time, it is always best to deliver your holiday gifts in person. What a great opportunity to pop in on your contacts to wish them a happy holidays and deepen those relationships. If you won’t be able to pop in on your whole list, you should focus on your biggest supporters first. Stop by those key contacts that you have been hoping to speak to anyways.

Holiday Parties and Networking

December is a month filled with events, gatherings, and parties and you will want to take advantage of these networking opportunities to expand your database and deepen relationships with some of your existing contacts. It is a time of celebrations so make sure to take part. Some Realtors even throw elaborate client appreciation events at this time of year which can be an amazing opportunity if it is within your budget. If it is not, take advantage of the many events that are already occurring. Any event can be a great opportunity for networking and making new connections. Get out there and start connecting with as many people as possible!

Key Things to Remember

  • Create a plan for how you are going to connect with as many people as possible this holiday season.
  • Set a budget before you get started
  • Act quickly to be organized before December
  • Consider budget and time when choosing Christmas cards or gifts
  • Take advantage of any opportunity to make it personal (personal notes or pop bys)
  • Remember every holiday event or party is an opportunity for networking, deepening relationships and growing your database.